Our Services

EACH Full Service Grooming includes:

A relaxing bath with a high quality Pet Shampoo & a

Luxurious Conditioning treatment both containing natural


Facial either Blueberry/Vanilla or Hypoallergenic

Haircut & Style

Nails Clipped & Filed

Ears Cleaned/Plucked

AND, of course, Lots of Love & HUGS

At Poochie Doo, we do NOT charge extra for this pampering;
we just believe in offering only the best at a reasonable price.

You will feel confident in leaving your special friend with us because our groomers are experienced, loving, & caring people with pets of their own and your companion will be treated like one of the family
Poochie Doo  Pet Grooming Salon where bath time is a treat and your pet's comfort comes first!

During the bath your pet is treated to a full body massage where we
we check for lumps, bumps, bugs and any irregularities, and report this to the owner.   Along with our hand massage shampooing and conditioning, we also use the Master Equipment or Hydro Surge bathing system which sprays a jet of soapy water with a relaxing massaging action onto your pet's body.
We bathe all Pets in high quality pet shampoos which contain naturally derived ingredients,

We also have a hypoallergenic shampoo along with oatmeal shampoos and conditioners for our special friends who have more sensitive skins or dry skin. 
Hair Coloring, Nail Painting,  Flea & Tick Treatments, &
Teeth Brushing  can be done upon request for an additional charge.